Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jeffrey Parazzo on "Nikita" (2011)

Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent, Dino Thunder) played a minor role on the spy series "Nikita" during the show's fourteenth episode, "The Next Seduction." Parazzo played a technician for Division, the organization that once trained the rogue operative Nikita. Parazzo appears in several scenes, giving assistance to main characters Percy and Michael, as they attempt to take possession of a dangerous weapon coming into the United States. The Division duo attempts to also capture Nikita in the process, but they fail. Parazzo appears in several scenes throughout the episode, as he uses his skills to try to track the movements of the weapons, the Division operatives and Nikita. Jeffrey Parazzo is the second PR actor to be featured on the blog for appearing on "Nikita." Chris Violette also appeared on the series late last year. Violette & Parazzo appeared together in the Power Rangers: SPD episode "Wormhole." The two actors seem to be making a habit of appearing on the same shows, as they have both been featured on After the Power for their roles on "Queer as Folk" and "Flashpoint."

Season 1 of "Nikita" currently airs on THE CW

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