Monday, March 29, 2010

Michael O'Laskey II in "The Sensei" (2008)

Michael O'Laskey II (Young Rocky, MMPR) played a starring role in the independent martial arts drama "The Sensei." The story revolves around a gay teen, McClain Evans (played by O'Laskey) who is ostracized and ultimately beaten by classmates in the 1980s as the AIDS epidemic is becoming more publicized. McClain finds the drive and will to stand up for himself when he takes up martial arts, under a female Sensei, Karen O'Neil (played by the film's writer & director Diana Lee Inosanto) who is ostracized herself because of her gender. Her male-dominated family's martial arts business rejects McClain because of his sexuality. As McClain overcomes the prejudice in his town and finally fights back against his tormentors, he must confront AIDS head-on when he learns that Karen was infected by her husband. McClain stays by her side as her family learns to accept her, despite the tragedy. She receives her black belt shortly before her death and McClain receives true vindication as he finds courage, true friends and successfully moves on with his life.

"The Sensei" is available on DVD

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