Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dwayne Cameron in "The Locals" (2003)

Completing today's trifecta of horror film entries, Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) starred in the New Zealand film "The Locals." Cameron portrayed Paul, one of two friends on a road trip when they meet two women who invite them to a party. Their shortcut, however, leaves Paul & Grant stranded in a strange stretch of land where the locals all appear to be dead but still amongst the living and looking to recruit.

"The Locals" is available on DVD

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Jason Faunt in "Witchouse" (1999)

Jason Faunt (Wes, Time Force) made his movie debut in the 1999 direct-to-video horror flick "Witchouse" where he portrayed Bob during the first scene of the film. Bob ventures into a strange mansion with his girlfriend for a romantic night. But inside, the descendant of a witch plans to resurrect her ancestor, with the help of a specially-selected group of party guests. Guess who dies first?

"Witchouse" is available on DVD

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Michelle Langstone, Gina Varela & Tandi Wright on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (2000)

Xena & Gabrielle infiltrate a harem in search of Gabrielle's long-lost niece in the sixth season episode "Who's Gurkhan?" Michelle Langstone (Kat Manx, SPD) made her television debut on the series, playing Lana, one of the harem's unwilling. Also inside the harem is A-Squad's evil Red Ranger, Gina Varela (Charlie, SPD) who enjoys the harem perks in her revealing role as Milda. They all answer to Gurkhan's first wife Sarah, played by Tandi Wright (Aisynia Cruger, SPD) who turns out to be Gabrielle's missing niece. All three actresses interact with each other in their scenes. They all also share screentime with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, the stars of "Xena: Warrior Princess."

Michelle Langstone

Gina Varela

Tandi Wright

Season 6 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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