Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michael Copon on "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" (2011)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) appeared on the first episode of the E! network reality series "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" earlier this year. Michael crosses paths with Kim Kardashian in a club shortly after her move to New York in the episode titled "Life in the Big City." Kim notices Michael from across the room, remembering him from their time together on the teen series "Beyond the Break." Kim's friend, Carla, takes it upon herself to invite Michael & his friend to join them. While Kim drops hints about being single, Michael doesn't pursue her. Kim later calls him, asking him out. The two enjoy some time together and she invites Michael back to her suite to check out the view, but stops short of returning his attempt at a kiss, as she wishes instead to remain single in the city, especially after she discovers their date has already been reported on the internet. Michael does score a kiss on the cheek before saying goodbye. This episode of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" is scheduled to re-air this weekend.

"Kourtney & Kim Take New York" currently airs on E!

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