Thursday, May 9, 2013

Commercial - Najee De-Tiege for "McDonalds"

Former Blue Ranger Najee De-Tiege (Kevin, Samurai) can be seen in commercials for "McDonalds." The 40-second advertisements promote Coca Cola products being sold at McDonald's for only one dollar. Najee De-Tiege appears in three different brief segments of the commercial, as a young man enjoying a day at the carnival with the young woman drinking the soda. The commercial is told from her perspective. De-Tiege does not have any lines during the advertisement. He is the second Power Ranger alum featured on the blog for appearing in a McDonalds commercial. Patricia Ja Lee was the first. The full commercial can be seen on Youtube.

 photo cm-mcdonalds-ndt1_zps8d6f36ea.jpg  photo cm-mcdonalds-ndt2_zps4016916c.jpg
 photo cm-mcdonalds-ndt3_zps6609f5b6.jpg
 photo cm-mcdonalds-ndt4_zps1664c979.jpg  photo cm-mcdonalds-ndt5_zps00f33c37.jpg

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