Monday, January 20, 2014

Anna Hutchison on "Anger Management" - 2 (2013)

Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) returned to "Anger Management" in her role as Sasha for the Christmas-themed episode "Charlie and the Christmas Hooker." Sasha surprises Charlie by reappearing on Christmas Eve and announcing that she's no longer a prostitute. She apologizes for her departure and offers him a chance to take a trip with her to Hawaii aboard a posh yacht. Charlie is more than thrilled by the prospect of spending more time with Sasha, but has a conflict, after he promises his patients that they will celebrate the holiday together. His problem is compounded when one of his patients steals a baby Jesus statue from the local church, forcing him to get it back before anyone notices, including his father. He asks Sasha to wait for him, but she isn't sure there will be enough time before the yacht leaves. With his mission complete, Charlie returns to find an empty house, until he reaches his bedroom, where Sasha is waiting with a better Christmas gift than a trip to Hawaii, making him even happier. A full zip of Anna Hutchison's screencaps from the episode is available to download below.

 photo angerm-2x46-ah2_zpse6467371.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah4_zps7ce9d6bd.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah6_zps0edbcf83.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah8_zpsa7a63427.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah9_zps9bce78d5.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah12_zpse6df0e97.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah14_zps4a3fa6e2.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah17_zps5f6ae1ab.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah21_zps7de01573.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah22_zpse48157b6.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah24_zps2fed6b50.jpg

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Season 2 of "Anger Management" airs on FX NETWORK

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Amy Jo Johnson in "Tiger Eyes" (2012)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) stars in the award-winning film "Tiger Eyes." Based on the novel by Judy Blume, and directed by Blume's son Lawrence, the film tells the story of Davey Wexler (played by Willa Holland), a teenager dealing with her father's sudden tragic death during a robbery. Amy Jo Johnson portrays Davey's mother, the grieving Gwen, who takes her husband's death very hard. With her life falling apart, she takes refuge with her sister in New Mexico, uprooting Davey from her life in New Jersey. While visiting the canyons of Los Alamos in hopes of finding some peace with her grief, Davey meets a young Native American man who helps her cope with the grief and find her ultimate peace. Davey also tries her best to free her mother from her emotional breakdown, which includes attempting to start another relationship with an older man, helping Gwen get back on her feet and resume her role as a mother, allowing the family to remove themselves from the rule of her sister and brother-in-law. A full zip of Amy Jo Johnson's screencaps from the film is available to download below.

 photo tigereyes-ajj2_zps8147891e.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj3_zpse3566035.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj5_zps778ff401.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj8_zpsfa7450b8.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj11_zpsf43fa90e.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj13_zpse618247e.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj14_zps8431e4c5.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj17_zps8b2964ba.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj19_zps885aa897.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj21_zpsef1a0a02.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj22_zpsd068b7a0.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj24_zps0c68d001.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj28_zps3811566c.jpg  photo tigereyes-ajj30_zps12754524.jpg
 photo tigereyes-ajj32_zps262658be.jpg

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"Tiger Eyes" is available on DVD

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chris Violette on "Bitten" (2014)

Former Blue Ranger, Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) played a small role in the premiere of the new supernatural Canadian drama "Bitten." The series centers around Elena Michaels (series star Laura Vandervoort), the only female werewolf in existence. Elena leads the normal life of a journalist, in a loving relationship, until she's called back into the supernatural world of the pack she left behind. Chris Violette is credited as 'Business Man #2' and appears in a scene with Vandervoort, as the friend of a business man who tries to flirt with Elena, offering her his hotel room key. Elena confronts him for his behavior, leading to a physical altercation which catches her boyfriend's sister off-guard, leading Elena to have to explain herself, and her self-defense abilities. This is Chris Violette's second project with Laura Vandervoort, as the two played major roles in the holiday film "Desperately Seeking Santa." The series "Bitten" re-runs in the U.S. on Syfy.

 photo bitten-1x1-cv1_zpsc6687dd8.jpg
 photo bitten-1x1-cv2_zps5dd9a581.jpg  photo bitten-1x1-cv3_zps67ef1ef8.jpg
 photo bitten-1x1-cv4_zpsd0353fc2.jpg
 photo bitten-1x1-cv5_zps16d385cc.jpg  photo bitten-1x1-cv6_zpsc40ecb3b.jpg
 photo bitten-1x1-cv7_zpscb92f1df.jpg

"Bitten" currently airs on Space (Canada)

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mike Ginn on "Flat3" (2013) - Web Series

"Flat3" is a New Zealand web series that follows the lives of three young Asian women navigating life and love while living together, with comedic results. The second episode, titled "Jessica," centers on one of the women, Jessica, an actress who finds herself on a date with a fellow actor, who was one of the applicants to become her third roommate in the previous episode, before she gave the room away to her pal Lee. The two get into a debate about her dating history and he brings up the fact that she never dates Asian men due to her own stereotypes, that is overheard by their waiter, played by Mike Ginn (Gem, RPM). After walking out on the date in annoyance, Jessica finds herself mistaken for a prostitute and Ginn's character arrives in time to help her avoid the humiliation, pretending to be her boyfriend. After getting rid of the men, he flags down a bus for her and Jessica finds herself instantly intrigued, even after he reveals to her that his name is Jackie Chan. You can see the full 7 minute episode on Youtube.

 photo flat3-1x2-mg1_zps9a1cadb2.jpg  photo flat3-1x2-mg2_zps96f7fdd3.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg3_zps6bdc6b0b.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg4_zps2ddbf656.jpg  photo flat3-1x2-mg5_zps1075d1fd.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg6_zps58610a46.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg7_zps6ca3ee68.jpg  photo flat3-1x2-mg8_zps090840ea.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg9_zpsd9417141.jpg
 photo flat3-1x2-mg10_zps1286d156.jpg  photo flat3-1x2-mg11_zpsce84fbc4.jpg

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