Friday, August 9, 2013

Eka Darville in "The Sapphires" (2012)

"The Sapphires" revolves around a group of young Aboriginal Australian women looking to achieve musical stardom in the late 1960's, in a harsh racial climate for native Aboriginals in their own country. The women meet Dave Lovelace, a struggling white musician, who agrees to manage the girls, transforming them from a country/western trio into a soul-singing quartet, recruiting their estranged cousin to join them. The group gains some notoriety touring to entertain troops during the Vietnam war. Eka Darville (Scott, RPM) appears in the film as Hendo, the drummer for the band that is paired with The Sapphires during their tour. Hendo strikes up a romance with Cynthia, the group's vain member looking for stardom after being left at the altar back home. Hendo helps Cynthia get over her past romantic failure, but their romance is cut short when The Sapphires' military escort is called away, leaving them unprotected as they continue their tour. The lack of military escort causes the band to also pull out of the tour, leaving Cynthia alone. It doesn't kill her confidence, however, as she rebuffs her former love when he tries to rekindle their romance after hearing of her success.

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"The Sapphires" is available on DVD

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