Saturday, December 14, 2013

Adelaide Kane in "The Purge" (2013)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) hit the big screen for her starring role in the hit horror film "The Purge." The story takes place in a future devoid of crime due to the establishment of one day a year where crime is not illegal and anything goes. Kane plays Zoey Sandin, the daughter of a family who has made their wealth from selling high-tech security systems for those who do not plan to participate in the deadly activities on Purge night. The family's own security system is no match for outside forces, though, when Zoey's boyfriend surprises her, looking to settle a grudge with her father for forbidding their romance. Shots are fired between the men and Zoey is separated from her family, as she tries to help her injured beau. In the meantime, her younger brother, Charlie allows a bloody stranger to enter their home, leading to more terror. When a group of student arrive on the Sandin's doorstep demanding the stranger be released, the Sandins must find him and make the ultimate decision of whether to sacrifice the man's life, or risk their own lives being taken instead. Given her starring role, Adelaide Kane appears throughout the film. A full zip of her screencaps is available to download below.

 photo purge-ak3_zpsc43664fe.jpg  photo purge-ak5_zpsbc5df4ef.jpg
 photo purge-ak8_zpsccc237e7.jpg
 photo purge-ak11_zps28a69992.jpg  photo purge-ak16_zpsf3970d55.jpg
 photo purge-ak20_zps28b6dfb8.jpg
 photo purge-ak24_zpsbfa586b8.jpg  photo purge-ak28_zps6a0715d0.jpg
 photo purge-ak36_zpsd003778e.jpg
 photo purge-ak39_zpsb9d1a843.jpg  photo purge-ak41_zps80910fe2.jpg
 photo purge-ak43_zpsbf720d64.jpg
 photo purge-ak46_zpse7cb7f37.jpg  photo purge-ak51_zps4d644b23.jpg
 photo purge-ak54_zps80dfbbce.jpg
 photo purge-ak56_zpsdefa0ead.jpg  photo purge-ak58_zps829f308a.jpg
 photo purge-ak60_zps6fc4f232.jpg
 photo purge-ak65_zps377350ac.jpg  photo purge-ak68_zps27148a22.jpg

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