Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 2 (2012)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) made another appearance on the Disney karate comedy "Kickin' It." He once again played an unnamed bad guy who crosses the paths of the show's teen martial artists. Southworth appeared in the opening scene of the second season episode "Karate Games." Southworth played an escaped prisoner who tries to evade a police officer. When the bumbling trio of Jerry, Milton & Eddie notice him, they inadvertently get his attention while trying to alert authorities. When the prisoner comes after them, they hide behind a group of old ladies, just as their friends Jack & Kim show up, managing to apprehend the prisoner with their martial arts skills. The fight sequence sets up the week's plot, which revolves around Jack & Kim being recruited to star in a "Hunger Games" rip-off called "Karate Games" after their bravery is covered on the news. As with his last appearance on the show, Daniel Southworth has no lines beyond a growl at Milton when he tries to show his toughness after the prisoner is held back by police. Southworth was not credited for his small part.


Season 2 of "Kickin' It" airs on DisneyXD

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