Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cameron Jebo on "Austin & Ally" (2014)

The newest Ranger on the block, Cameron Jebo (Orion, Super Megaforce) dropped in on the Disney series "Austin & Ally." The series follows two teens looking to make their dreams of musical stardom come true. Jebo appears as Gavin Young, a country singer who seeks Ally's help in writing a song for him. The two hit it off and decide to collaborate on a duet, which doesn't sit well with Ally's current writing partner, Austin, who grows jealous that he could lose Ally, not just musically. Ally & Gavin perform at their high school homecoming. Before Austin can reveal his feelings, Ally tells him that she's going to date Gavin. This was the first of three appearances for Jebo on the series. A full zip of his screencaps is available to download below.

 photo austinally-3x12-cj2_zpsa63002b2.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj5_zps1c82d283.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj7_zps5a037aed.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj8_zps982ad9e8.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj10_zps7337bd30.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj11_zpsf533986d.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj14_zpsf7da01eb.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj16_zps1109cff4.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj18_zps9ed9a57f.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj21_zps88805ca7.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj22_zpsaa09111b.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj23_zps330bb43c.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj26_zpsfcdad5d7.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj28_zps633036c4.jpg

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Season 3 of "Austin & Ally" airs on DISNEY

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cerina Vincent on "Jennifer Falls" (2014)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) guest starred on this week's episode of the TVLand sitcom "Jennifer Falls." The fourth episode finds Jennifer (Jaime Pressly) catching up with a high school classmate, Frank, only to discover that her best friend Dina is also romancing Frank. The best friends end their anger over sharing a man and turn their attention to confronting Frank. When they visit his sporting goods store to do so, they meet Caroline, who is revealed to be Frank's girlfriend. Cerina Vincent appears as Caroline. The women return later to publicly humiliate Frank, who does his best to keep them away from Caroline. When Caroline discovers Frank's latest humiliation in the store, she implies it isn't the first time and walks away from him. Vincent appeared in two scenes of the episode.

 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv1_zps28afd330.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv2_zpsc4413a16.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv3_zps027ddae7.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv4_zps03175f4b.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv5_zpsc95083cf.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv6_zps74ef2334.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv7_zps546ea6f5.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv8_zps3a781d21.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv9_zpseda3b3f4.jpg
 photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv10_zps67e74f41.jpg  photo jenniferfalls-1x4-cv11_zps617f678e.jpg

"Jennifer Falls" currently airs on TVLand

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Richard Brancatisano on "Chasing Life" (2014)

Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) stars on the new ABCFamily Summer drama "Chasing Life." The series follows April Carver, a young aspiring journalist who finds her life interrupted when she learns that she has leukemia. Brancatisano plays Dominic, a arts and entertainment journalist at April's newspaper. April has been secretly pining for Dominic and he finally reaches out to her, leading to a budding romance, which becomes problematic, as April hasn't revealed her cancer diagnosis to anyone in her life. When Dominic overhears her talking with her uncle George, who discovered the cancer, he believes they're having an affair and blows off April, until she tells him George's true identity as a family member, which seems to put the two back on track with their romance by the end of the first episode. A full zip of Richard Brancatisano's screencaps are available to download below.

 photo chasingl-1x1-rb1_zpsd13341a2.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb5_zps81717739.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb9_zpsc1515c57.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb15_zps4c35f856.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb16_zps9f45e749.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb18_zpsc9013968.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb21_zps13d28cfa.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb24_zps48a5bed7.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb26_zps23c64046.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb29_zps3059bf23.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb32_zps14d31d9e.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb33_zps96ffd129.jpg

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"Chasing Life" currently airs on ABCFamily

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rose McIver in "Petals on the Wind" (2014)

Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) joined Lifetime's "Flowers in the Attic" television film franchise, with her starring role in the sequel "Petals on the Wind." McIver takes over the role of Cathy Dollanganger, ten years after Cathy, her brother Christopher and younger sister Carrie escaped the attic where they were kept isolated, abused and malnourished by their mother, Corrine, and their grandmother. Now an adult, Cathy embarks on a ballet career which introduces her to a new love, Julian, as she tries her best to forget her family's past and move on from the inappropriate relationship with her brother that began in the attic. Cathy's new romance soon becomes physically abusive, and the suicide of her sister Carrie leads Cathy to seek vengeance on their mother for driving another of her children to death. Cathy begins an affair with Corrine's husband, only to reveal the affair, and her pregnancy, publicly to humiliate her mother in front of her high society friends. Crumbling from her cruelty and the truth of Cathy's actions, Corrine snaps setting the family mansion on fire. Cathy & Christopher escape further solidifying their bond with a move across the country, where no one knows their history. They raise Cathy's two sons together as a couple, while their mother is locked away in an asylum. As the central character of the film, Rose McIver appears throughout. A full zip of her screencaps is available to download below.

 photo petals-rm2_zps3d531632.jpg  photo petals-rm7_zps88f2728f.jpg
 photo petals-rm12_zps80f49c7d.jpg
 photo petals-rm14_zps9bf2d3d3.jpg  photo petals-rm24_zps1715898a.jpg
 photo petals-rm28_zps9c611e7a.jpg
 photo petals-rm36_zps8926dff4.jpg  photo petals-rm48_zps30ce57d9.jpg
 photo petals-rm51_zpsebe857e6.jpg
 photo petals-rm61_zpsc8c9f588.jpg  photo petals-rm65_zpsb22dc3ea.jpg
 photo petals-rm77_zpsf33d24fb.jpg
 photo petals-rm82_zpsc92c2aee.jpg  photo petals-rm86_zps5ad40e4e.jpg
 photo petals-rm88_zpse8192f80.jpg
 photo petals-rm95_zps8ea890a7.jpg  photo petals-rm98_zps5d58d50b.jpg
 photo petals-rm102_zpsc8819e91.jpg
 photo petals-rm105_zpse3762e11.jpg  photo petals-rm112_zps18440505.jpg
 photo petals-rm118_zps1c561f7e.jpg
 photo petals-rm123_zps7cfa65ce.jpg  photo petals-rm131_zps590dde3a.jpg
 photo petals-rm135_zps791babc8.jpg
 photo petals-rm140_zps3c0583f5.jpg  photo petals-rm144_zps1da01f28.jpg
 photo petals-rm149_zpsbf3144b9.jpg
 photo petals-rm152_zps5da61031.jpg  photo petals-rm153_zps7a26445f.jpg
 photo petals-rm156_zps98935162.jpg

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