Monday, January 20, 2014

Anna Hutchison on "Anger Management" - 2 (2013)

Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) returned to "Anger Management" in her role as Sasha for the Christmas-themed episode "Charlie and the Christmas Hooker." Sasha surprises Charlie by reappearing on Christmas Eve and announcing that she's no longer a prostitute. She apologizes for her departure and offers him a chance to take a trip with her to Hawaii aboard a posh yacht. Charlie is more than thrilled by the prospect of spending more time with Sasha, but has a conflict, after he promises his patients that they will celebrate the holiday together. His problem is compounded when one of his patients steals a baby Jesus statue from the local church, forcing him to get it back before anyone notices, including his father. He asks Sasha to wait for him, but she isn't sure there will be enough time before the yacht leaves. With his mission complete, Charlie returns to find an empty house, until he reaches his bedroom, where Sasha is waiting with a better Christmas gift than a trip to Hawaii, making him even happier. A full zip of Anna Hutchison's screencaps from the episode is available to download below.

 photo angerm-2x46-ah2_zpse6467371.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah4_zps7ce9d6bd.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah6_zps0edbcf83.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah8_zpsa7a63427.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah9_zps9bce78d5.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah12_zpse6df0e97.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah14_zps4a3fa6e2.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah17_zps5f6ae1ab.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah21_zps7de01573.jpg
 photo angerm-2x46-ah22_zpse48157b6.jpg  photo angerm-2x46-ah24_zps2fed6b50.jpg

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Season 2 of "Anger Management" airs on FX NETWORK

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