Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daniel Southworth on "Divergence" - Web Series (2012)

Dan Southworth (Eric, Time Force) can currently be seen online in action thriller, "Divergence." The web series centers around his character, Mark Leonard, who struggles with a mysterious case of post-traumatic stress disorder, which has him seeing people tracking him, who can seemingly disappear into thin air. Mark tries to make his therapist understand, but only gets pills instead of help. Mark's love also struggles with his condition. The first episode, appropriately titled "My Condition," finds Mark confronting one of those trackers, only to discover something concrete left behind after his attacker departs. Given his starring role in the 6 and a half minute episode, a full zip of Dan Southworth's screencaps is available below. In addition to his starring role, Southworth also created the series, and acts as a producer and fight choreographer.


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Episode 1 of "Divergence" is available on Youtube

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