Saturday, March 31, 2012

Richard Horvitz in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." (2011)

Power Rangers veteran voice actor, Richard Horvitz (voice of Alpha 5, MMPR-Zeo) stepped in front of the cameras for a small cameo in the comedy, "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Horvitz appeared as a salesman at Lowe's who attempts to help the film's main character, Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell) as he shops for some home improvement supplies. Horvitz has one line and is credited as Lowe's Salesman #3, as he appears alongside two other actors also playing salesmen. The film follows Cal's life as he tries to come to terms with his marriage falling apart, while also trying to be a good father and to regain his manhood, due to his lack of experience with women.

"Crazy, Stupid, Love." is available on DVD

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holly Shanahan, Olivia Tennet, Andrew Laing & Damien Avery on "Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud" (2011)

Holly Shanahan's (Camille, Jungle Fury) role on the miniseries "Underbelly NZ: Land of the Long Green Cloud" continued, as her character, Detective Carole Derwent stepped up her surveillance of the drug smuggling pair of Marty Johnstone & Andy Maher. When she and her partner use personal time to continue watching their suspects, things get dangerous for her. Maher traces the car back to Carole's live-in boyfriend and the father of her two children and makes a veiled threat to her, which causes her boyfriend Max to get worried for their safety. Andrew Laing (voice of Venjix, RPM) appears in a few scenes as Carole's superior, Detective Sergeant Mackenzie, who hopes Carole will not pursue drug cases, since she's been assigned to his special task force pursuing other major criminals, which Carole ties back to Maher & Johnstone, to Mackenzie's dismay. Another RPM alum, Damien Avery (Corporal Hicks, RPM) makes his debut as fellow detective, Colin "Goose" Gosling, who is also a member of Mackenzie's small task force. Goose is unhappy with the resources afforded to the team and doesn't go along with Carole & her partner's theories on the drug trade, as he makes snide comments from the sidelines. Avery's RPM co-star, Olivia Tennet (Dr. K, RPM) also debuts in the second episode in the role of Julie Theilman, a young woman who transports drugs through customs to get them to Johnstone and his syndicate. The smart young woman skillfully makes herself a useful employee though her future murder is foreshadowed through a brief flash forward. Tennet shares scenes with fellow PR alums Joel Tobeck & John Leigh. PR guest stars Jamie Passier-Armstrong and Kim Michalis also appear in this episode, titled "Trains 'n' Boats 'n' Planes." A full zip of Holly Shanahan's screencaps is available to download below.

Holly Shanahan

Olivia Tennet

Andrew Laing

Damien Avery

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