Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Olivia Tennet in "Boogeyman" (2005)

Olivia Tennet (Dr. K, RPM) played a minor role in the 2005 horror film "Boogeyman." The film follows Tim, a young man who believes he was terrorized in his home as a child by the Boogeyman. He returns to his childhood home to confront his fears. While in town, he visits the hospital where he spent many of his horrified nights as a child. While there, he encounters a young girl played by Olivia Tennet, who is clearly terrified as well by an unseen force in her room. Tim tries to get her to talk to him, but she only screams in fear at what she's seen. The medical staff arrives and promptly sedates her, which allows her to calm down. Tennet appears in only one scene. This film was previously featured here on the blog thanks to SPD's Aaron James Murphy (Sam, SPD) who plays Tim in flashbacks to his childhood.

"Boogeyman" is available on DVD

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Anonymous said...

Is this the one with Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel?

Nick said...

Yes, that's the one