Friday, June 14, 2013

Richard Brancatisano on "Reef Doctors" (2013)

Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) can currently be seen on the Australian medical drama "Reef Doctors." The series follows Dr. Sam Stewart (series star Lisa McCune), a doctor and researcher running a small clinic on Hope Island, with few resources at her disposal, as she also juggles being a single parent. Brancatisano made his debut in the very first episode as Rick D'Alessandro, a cocky young doctor who arrives on Hope Island, believing he's headed for a posh life working at a resort. Armed with a serious hangover after his farewell party the night before, Rick isn't very happy to discover his accommodations and the lack of amenities on the island. He does move past his annoyance to help Dr. Stewart with a patient suffering from decompression sickness after going diving. When Sam puts herself in harms way to help the man, Rick forces her to submit to his examination upon her return from the water, to make sure she's okay. Despite his rough start, ultimately Rick is welcomed into the close-knit Hope Island family. A full zip of his screencaps is available to download below. Series star, Lisa McCune previously starred on "Sea Patrol," with another former Ranger, Nikolai Nikolaeff. Ratings for "Reef Doctors" were not a good sign for the show's future. Richard Brancatisano is currently in the United States filming a new series, "Chasing Life," which is set to premiere early next year.

 photo reefdoctors-1x1-rb2_zps411775ba.jpg  photo reefdoctors-1x1-rb5_zps7fe2d0b2.jpg
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"Reef Doctors" currently airs in Australia

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