Friday, May 24, 2013

Daniel Southworth on "Kickin' It" - 4 (2013)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) showed off his martial arts skills once more on the Disney comedy "Kickin' It." Southworth appeared briefly in the fifth episode of the current season, titled "The Sub Sinker." Southworth plays a martial arts action star featured in a classic karate movie that is part of a marathon being watched by main characters Jack, Kim and Rudy, while Rudy is trying to babysit a young boy simultaneously. Southworth sports a fake mustache for the brief scene, which is filmed to appear like a dated martial arts film. Daniel Southworth appears on-screen for several seconds in his fourth appearance on the series.

 photo kickinit-3x5-ds1_zps655d9232.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds2_zps3b63a91b.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds3_zps6c2dfbfc.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds4_zps3105b432.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds5_zps23c47491.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds6_zps233cff87.jpg
 photo kickinit-3x5-ds7_zpsd950ac48.jpg  photo kickinit-3x5-ds8_zpsfbc91581.jpg

Season 3 of "Kickin' It" currently airs on DisneyXD

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