Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nic Sampson on "Flat3" (2013) - Web Series

Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force) followed in the footsteps of fellow former Ranger actor, Mike Ginn, when he appeared on the web series "Flat3." Sampson appeared in the third episode, titled "Perlina." The comedy series follows the exploits of three young Asian women living together and navigating their troublesome personal lives. Episode 3 centers on one of the flatmates, Perlina, who has a desperate need to be liked. She consults her ex-boyfriend, Nic, played by Sampson. While he tries his best to avoid helping her need for self-improvement, he finally gives in to her need for criticism and tells her everything that he didn't like about her when they were together. When he attempts to go to the bathroom, she tries to come along, highlighting another of his issues with her constant fear of being alone. Nic Sampson appears in one extended scene of the 7 minute episode, which is available on Youtube.

 photo flat3-1x3-ns1_zps5701c5d4.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns2_zps7c122013.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns3_zps9bbbde8f.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns4_zps7c792dd4.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns5_zps5c173faa.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns6_zpsa6a0e0de.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns7_zpsf6fba8b0.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns8_zps8ab0efd4.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns9_zps89d49399.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns10_zpsacd33859.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns11_zpsafe67cc9.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns12_zpsd779d128.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns13_zpscbadc7ad.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns14_zps4bf56fb3.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns15_zpsd4defac5.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns16_zpsdd34c4e9.jpg  photo flat3-1x3-ns17_zps79db4a50.jpg
 photo flat3-1x3-ns18_zpsd9444428.jpg

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