Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adelaide Kane in "Donner Pass" (2012)

Former RPM villain-turned-good Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) did the exact opposite for her role in the teen slasher "Donner Pass." Kane plays Nicole, a member of a quartet of high schoolers who take a trip to the cabin belonging to their outcast classmate Thomas. Along the way, they discover that a vicious killer is on the loose, but of course they press forward anyway. Nicole puts a damper on Thomas' plan of a quiet weekend with friends by inviting her domineering boyfriend, Derek, who shows up with three friends, looking to make things more interesting with alcohol. Nicole's plan for company backfires when she sees that Derek's entourage includes the heavy-drinking A.J. As the teens begin to fall victim to a ravenous cannibal, Nicole reveals to Derek that she was raped at a party by A.J., which leads the duo to attack him, leaving him to be killed in hopes that the rest of them can escape and A.J. can pay for his crime. It's later revealed that Thomas is behind the attacks, having set off a "hunger" within the owner of the house to keep up the legacy of Donner, a crazed killer from decades before. Thomas does the same to Nicole, using the blood of her boyfriend to set her off. She feeds on Derek, before turning her attention to one of the other teens, Mike, who must fight her off in time to save his girlfriend who is almost killed by Thomas. Given her starring role, a full zip of Adelaide Kane's screencaps is available to download below. You can see Adelaide increase her horror film resume on the big screen, as she currently stars in "The Purge."

 photo donnerp-ak2_zpsa6f79366.jpg  photo donnerp-ak5_zps78917980.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak6_zps4a5ed048.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak9_zps4f660211.jpg  photo donnerp-ak11_zpsa468f91e.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak14_zps481e9bb6.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak15_zps934f289d.jpg  photo donnerp-ak17_zps89324f0d.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak19_zps29b79dd1.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak20_zpsb9752807.jpg  photo donnerp-ak26_zpsab30ce70.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak29_zps738c9700.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak31_zps371b4611.jpg  photo donnerp-ak34_zpsfa561efb.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak37_zps10c8c712.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak39_zpscdaa339b.jpg  photo donnerp-ak41_zpsf0bb9530.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak45_zps2c1d4307.jpg
 photo donnerp-ak47_zps2f4c07e0.jpg  photo donnerp-ak49_zpsa4e4857d.jpg

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