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Karim Prince in "They Shoot Divas, Don't They?" (2002)

Former Alien Ranger, Karim Prince (Cestro, MMPR-Zeo) played a supporting role in the television movie "They Shoot Divas, Don't They?" The film centers around an aging music star, Sloan McBride, who hires a young & beautiful new assistant, who turns out to have a deadly axe to grind against her. Prince stars as Gavin, Sloan's British music producer who tries his best to control her ego and her dwindling music career by trying to give her some fresh new material and a new sound, which she is hesitant to use. Gavin is unaware of the deadly plot against Sloan by her new assistant and makes it through the film alive, despite the murders occuring around Sloan. Gavin is there for Sloan when she finally gets her career back on track after surviving her stalker's attempt on her life.

"They Shoot Divas, Don't They?" is available on DVD

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Nakia Burrise on "Bones" (2009)

Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) made a brief guest appearance on a recent episode of the hit crime drama "Bones." Burrise appeared in the episode "The Foot in the Foreclosure" as one half of a young couple looking to purchase a house. Burrise's character immediately notices a strange smell, which the real estate agent downplays as belonging to the neighbors who like to barbecue. When the trio enters the master bedroom upstairs, they are stunned to find a pile of ashes on the bed and a half-burned foot amongst them. Burrise's character is shocked and rushes out feeling sick. Burrise's short role comes in the very first scene of the episode. She is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Bones," after another Yellow Ranger, Cerina Vincent.

Season 5 of "Bones" currently airs on FOX

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Amy Jo Johnson on "Wildfire" - 6 (2006)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) reprised her role as Tina Sharp in the thirteenth episode of "Wildfire's" second season. Hired away from the Ritters by the Davis family, the fiery jockey Tina is ready for her next race against her rival Kris Furillo. Johnson makes a relatively brief appearance, as Tina is present only for the racing scenes. She briefly interacts with her boss Danielle Davis and Gillian Parsons. Tina remarks that all three of them have been romantically involved with Matt Ritter, which seems to upset Gillian, Matt's current love interest. This was the finale of "Wildfire's" second season. The winner of the race is left as a cliffhanger. Johnson bookends Season 2 of "Wildfire" with her appearances. She guest stars in the first and last episodes of the season.

Season 2 of "Wildfire" is available on DVD

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Ron Roggé on "CSI: Miami" - 2 (2009)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) made his second appearance this season on "CSI: Miami" in the episode "Point of Impact." The episode has the CSI crew investigating a fatal car crash. When they discover that a passing jogger was actually the driver of the second vehicle (who fled the crime scene) they take him into the police station for questioning. Roggé's unnamed police officer is on-duty when the jogger collapses in a cell. Roggé calls CSI's Jesse Cardoza (played by Eddie Cibrian) who is nearby with the man's sister. Cardoza notices the man not breathing and tells the officer to go for help. Roggé is the officer who goes for assistance. While he appears on screen for only a few seconds, he has several lines. Roggé's first appearance as a Miami police officer came earlier this season in the episode "Hostile Takeover," which is the episode where Cardoza joined the CSI team.

Season 8 of "CSI: Miami" currently airs on CBS

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Damien Avery & Craig Parker on "Legend of the Seeker" (2009)

RPM recurring actor Damien Avery (Corporal Hicks, RPM) followed in the footsteps of his RPM co-star James Gaylyn, appearing on the latest episode of "Legend of the Seeker." In the episode "Baneling," The Seeker and his comrades liberate a prison camp where Darken Rahl's D'Haran soldiers are still committing executions despite his death. Avery portrays Gerald, one of the rescued prisoners. He helps Richard & Kahlan free the other innocents and when they discover that the D'Haran soldiers have returned from the dead, Gerald helps secure everyone inside the prison as the heroes deal with the soldiers. Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm) continues his role as Darken Rahl, the deceased lord of the D'Harans. In the underworld, Rahl offers the other deceased a chance to return to the world of the living, but only if they vow to serve The Keeper and kill in his name. They are allowed to return to their bodies as undead Banelings. This presents a new challenge to The Seeker, as he learns that anyone he kills could return to cause even more death in the name of evil. This is Craig Parker's 10th "Legend of the Seeker" post on the blog. This episode was directed by PR voice actor Michael Hurst (voice of Vexacus, Ninja Storm).

Damien Avery

Craig Parker

Season 2 of "Legend of the Seeker" is currently airing
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