Thursday, March 6, 2008

Amy Jo Johnson on "Wildfire" - 3 (2005)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) made her second appearance on "Wildfire" in August 2005. She played a vital role in the tenth episode of the first season named after her character, "Tina Sharp." As Tina, Johnson appeared in several scenes as the bad girl became more involved in the lives of Kris Furillo (series star Genevieve Cortese) and her surrogate family, the Ritters. Tina convinces Kris to take dangerous painkillers for her injured arm so she can ride, while she manages to get her own contract to ride Kris' favorite horse, Wildfire. Tina also begins an affair with Matt Ritter (played by Micah Alberti) which also doesn't sit well with Kris.

Season 1 of "Wildfire" is available on DVD

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