Sunday, November 25, 2012

Michael Copon in "247°F" (2011)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) starred in the thriller "247°F," which tells the story of four friends who head to a remote cabin, where three of them are soon trapped inside the cabin's sauna, fighting for survival against the heat. Michael's character, also named Michael, spends most of the film either drunk or high, which is the catalyst for trouble for his girlfriend, Renee and their two pals, Jenna & Ian. When he gets into a drunken fight with his girlfriend, he leaves the three inside the sauna and passes out on the couch. Michael wakes up later, not remembering much and heads out to a local party the group was supposed to attend but he's refused entrance. He runs into Ian's uncle, the cabin's caretaker, and relays to him how he got left behind by his friends, not realizing they remain trapped in the sauna. When he gets close enough to hear their screams, a fireworks show begins simultaneously, drowning out their calls for help. Michael takes another smoke and passes out, allowing the viewers to see how he inadvertently trapped his three friends inside the sauna. They are later rescued, but it's too late for Ian who is already dead, leaving Michael feeling guilty for his actions. A full zip of Copon's screencaps is available to download below. The film was based on a true event that occurred in the country of Georgia, where the movie was filmed.


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