Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cameron Jebo on "Austin & Ally" (2014)

The newest Ranger on the block, Cameron Jebo (Orion, Super Megaforce) dropped in on the Disney series "Austin & Ally." The series follows two teens looking to make their dreams of musical stardom come true. Jebo appears as Gavin Young, a country singer who seeks Ally's help in writing a song for him. The two hit it off and decide to collaborate on a duet, which doesn't sit well with Ally's current writing partner, Austin, who grows jealous that he could lose Ally, not just musically. Ally & Gavin perform at their high school homecoming. Before Austin can reveal his feelings, Ally tells him that she's going to date Gavin. This was the first of three appearances for Jebo on the series. A full zip of his screencaps is available to download below.

 photo austinally-3x12-cj2_zpsa63002b2.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj5_zps1c82d283.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj7_zps5a037aed.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj8_zps982ad9e8.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj10_zps7337bd30.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj11_zpsf533986d.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj14_zpsf7da01eb.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj16_zps1109cff4.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj18_zps9ed9a57f.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj21_zps88805ca7.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj22_zpsaa09111b.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj23_zps330bb43c.jpg
 photo austinally-3x12-cj26_zpsfcdad5d7.jpg  photo austinally-3x12-cj28_zps633036c4.jpg

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Season 3 of "Austin & Ally" airs on DISNEY

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