Saturday, November 5, 2011

Firass Dirani on "Underbelly: The Golden Mile" - 9 (2010)

Former Red Ranger, Firass Dirani (Nick/Bowen, Mystic Force) continued his starring role on "Underbelly: The Golden Mile" in the third series' 12th episode, titled "The Good Lieutenant." His character, John Ibrahim, once again finds himself in the middle of the escalating conflicts and outpouring of violence in King's Cross. John tries to reign in the increasingly erratic behavior of his friend D.K., who waltzes into John's club, The Tunnel, and openly takes cash from the register in front of John. When D.K. is arrested, John tries to pay for his legal fees, but he refuses. Later, John & his bodyguard, Kiwi Steve, catch sight of a man in the club carrying a weapon. When John dispenses Steve to unarm him and get him out of The Tunnel, the young man, an erratic up & coming drug dealer, unleashes violence on the club with his gang, firing on the place in plain sight and drawing John's anger, especially when the police falsely accuse of him of being in a drug war. Later, John learns that the dealer's boss, his own former acquaintance, has been murdered, John deduces he will be next on the crazed man's hit list. Steve gives him a gun to protect himself, but John seemingly refuses to take it.

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