Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cerina Vincent in "The Thanksgiving House" (2013)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) played a starring role in the recent holiday movie, "The Thanksgiving House," which aired on Hallmark in November. The film centers around lawyer, Mary Ross (played by Emily Rose) who learns that her aunt has died, willing her house in the small town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mary travels to Plymouth, falling in love with the house, only to learn from local historian, Everett Mather (played by Justin Bruening) that it may sit on the site of the very first Thanksgiving, making the land a monument, needing preservation. Mary sets out to keep the house from being destroyed. Her life is made more complicated by the town's gossip blogger, Ashleigh Mulligan, played by Cerina Vincent. Ashleigh makes it her mission to figure out the story behind Everett's interest in the land, to exploit it in order to gain more popularity for her blog, The Inquisitive Pilgrim. Ashleigh probes Everett for information, given their high school history. Later Ashleigh befriends Mary's boyfriend, Rick, hinting that if Mary doesn't want to profit from the land her house sits on, perhaps someone else should. The two team up, but are no match for Mary and Everett, who find a satisfying answer, and love. The film's stars Emily Rose & Justin Bruening are no strangers to PR co-stars. Rose stars on the series "Haven," featuring Emma Lahana and Bruening previously starred in the television movie "Blue Eyed Butcher," with Erin Cahill. A full zip of Cerina Vincent's screencaps from the film is available to download below.

 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv1_zps871ff86f.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv3_zps1c8778b3.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv6_zpsff5a263e.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv8_zps5cbfa5c6.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv9_zpsd3665ace.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv10_zpsa09d4197.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv13_zps649b457b.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv15_zps85be2272.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv18_zps7f46afab.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv19_zps2d65d07e.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv21_zps99182200.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv24_zpsc19681ff.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv28_zps5a4fd503.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv30_zpsb4f38a61.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv33_zps02849c29.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv35_zpsc36563c0.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv39_zps2f971329.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv41_zps873df676.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv44_zpsf474151e.jpg  photo thanksgivinghouse-cv45_zps37398807.jpg
 photo thanksgivinghouse-cv47_zps7ebf86c7.jpg

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