Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emma Lahana on "Arctic Air" (2013)

The Canadian series "Arctic Air" follows the adventures and drama surrounding a group of bush pilots in the north of Canada. Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) joined the cast for Season 2, in the role of Alex, a proficient mechanic who joins the Arctic Air team. Alex quickly sets the tone for her work ethic, bringing up the specifics of helicopter parts that she hopes that the veteran mechanic Cece knows how to take care of, given his lack of formal training. Alex is later seen going on a date with Blake, the ex-boyfriend of Krista, after their relationship was tarnished in Season 1, when he witnessed her kissing Bobby (series star Adam Beach). Krista appears jealous to see Blake & Alex together. Given that her character is revealed to be from New Zealand, Emma Lahana speaks in her native accent for the role. She appeared in two scenes of the season premiere, titled "Wildfire."


Season 2 of "Arctic Air" currently airs on CBC (Canada)

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