Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amy Jo Johnson on "Cracked" (2013)

"Flashpoint" may have ended but Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) can't escape the law. Johnson guest starred on the Canadian crime drama "Cracked," in the eleventh episode, titled "Night Terrors," which finds the show's lead investigators trying to track down a serial rapist, with very strange rituals to his crimes. Amy Jo Johnson plays Sydney Reid, a dedicated businesswoman who comes forward, claiming to have been raped by the same man she heard about in the news. After questioning her, however, the detectives realize that her rapist is not the same man they are focusing their investigation on. Sydney recounts the circumstances of her rape and the detectives discover that a sleepwalker who was romantically involved with the previous tenant of Sydney's apartment committed the crime, apparently without even realizing it. Johnson appears in several scenes throughout the episode, as the lead female detective draws parallels between her own solitary life and Sydney's. A full zip of Amy Jo Johnson's screencaps are available to download below. "Cracked" was recently renewed for a second season.

 photo cracked-1x11-ajj1_zps9ca3b88c.jpg  photo cracked-1x11-ajj3_zps81b84107.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj5_zps5781ffd3.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj8_zpsd5cd962a.jpg  photo cracked-1x11-ajj10_zps2155b84d.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj13_zpsc5bb2a23.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj15_zps21cfd317.jpg  photo cracked-1x11-ajj17_zpsc8131ae3.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj19_zps5fc9372a.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj21_zpsa81b65cc.jpg  photo cracked-1x11-ajj23_zps19c63fd3.jpg
 photo cracked-1x11-ajj25_zps6dbfd7ea.jpg

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