Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ciara Hanna on "Revenge" (2012)

Current Yellow Ranger actress Ciara Hanna (Gia, Megaforce) made a brief appearance on the ABC hit drama "Revenge," last year. Hanna appeared in the series twelfth episode, titled "Infamy" as a customer at the bar managed by Jack Porter (series regular Nick Wechsler), who tries to juggle professionalism with the woman he believes is his childhood love, Amanda Clarke (guest star Margarita Levieva), who is more interested in having fun. She refuses to take her time behind the bar seriously, as she flirts with Hanna's character, Amy. Jack warns Amanda, but that doesn't stop Amy from planting a kiss on her. Amanda follows that up with serving shots, directly into Amy and another customers' mouths. Ciara Hanna has only a few brief lines during her appearance in one scene. She's the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Revenge." Jack Guzman was the first, though his appearance came later in Season 1. "Revenge" was recently renewed for a third season.

 photo revenge-1x12-ch1_zps2fe968a3.jpg  photo revenge-1x12-ch2_zps3b7d90f9.jpg
 photo revenge-1x12-ch3_zps9e62b388.jpg
 photo revenge-1x12-ch4_zpsd83cae2a.jpg  photo revenge-1x12-ch5_zpsf32bfd45.jpg
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Season 1 of "Revenge" is available on DVD

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