Saturday, May 7, 2011

Streven Skyler on "The Forgotten" (2009)

The newest addition to the Ranger team, Steven Skyler (Antonio, Samurai) guest starred on the short-lived mystery drama "The Forgotten." Skyler appeared in one extended scene during the sixth episode, titled "Canine John." The series follows The Forgotten Network, a group that tries to find the identity of a body found near a camp ground. They learn the t-shirt he was wearing depicted particular comic book characters, which leads them to a comic shop where they talk to an employee who is an expert on the two characters depicted. Steven Skyler is credited as 'Comic Book Guy.' He reveals that the two characters are from rival publishers and were only put together for a comic book convention promotion, where the victim must have worked to get the free shirt. This information puts them on track to finding the John Doe's true identity.

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