Monday, July 29, 2013

Commercial - Erin Cahill for "Lean Cuisine"

Former Pink Ranger, Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) can be seen in television ads for "Lean Cuisine." Cahill appears in the 30-second commercial promoting "Lean Cuisine's" new Honestly Good frozen meals. Cahill appears bare-shouldered, claiming to be going "au naturale" but reveals that it has nothing to do with her wardrobe and highlights "Lean Cuisine's" (stripped down) use of all-natural ingredients for the meals. You can view the full advertisement on Youtube.

 photo cm-leanc-ec1_zps8aa504d9.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec2_zpsb66e308b.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec3_zpsf029dbb3.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec4_zps9c6129bf.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec7_zps5f9a270a.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec8_zps1ec9611f.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec9_zps55ac44cf.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec10_zpsc8a03b3b.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec11_zpse352eca3.jpg
 photo cm-leanc-ec5_zps66b7edaa.jpg  photo cm-leanc-ec6_zpsfba164d7.jpg

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