Friday, November 6, 2009

Antonia Prebble & Pua Magasiva on "Outrageous Fortune" (2009)

Pua Magasiva's (Shane, Ninja Storm) second appearance on the hit New Zealand drama "Outrageous Fortune" came in the fifteenth episode of Season 5 titled "Mine Own Room." As in the previous episode, Magasiva's character Isaac Anesi appears briefly at the side of his new business colleague Jethro West. The two men exit a club. Outside, they find Deleesha, the sister of Jethro's mom's boyfriend, Wayne. The teenager is trying to get into the club but Jethro refuses to help her and takes her home instead, despite his rift with his mother. Deleesha meets Isaac in the process and takes an instant interest in him. Back at the West home, things have gotten crowded with Deleesha's arrival, which has everyone unhappy, including Loretta, played by Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force). When she & her older sister Pascalle learn that one of them will have to share a room with Deleesha, their feud is once again ignited. Loretta encourages creepy Aaron Spiller to seek Pascalle's heart knowing that she's repulsed by him. In the end, Loretta is moved into the basement where she can live and run her business in peace and Deleesha gets her room.

Antonia Prebble

Pua Magasiva

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Brandon Jay McLaren on "Harper's Island" - 7 (2009)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his role on the horror mystery "Harper's Island," in the seventh episode titled "Thrack, Splack, Sizzle." As the murders on the island become more obvious to the wedding guests, panic begins to set in. While they prepare to leave the island, everyone is held for questioning by the sheriff, including McLaren's character of Danny. On top of the investigation into the murders, Danny and his best friend Sully are still worried about their pal Booth who never returned from going to hide the sack of money the guys found episodes earlier. They have no idea that Booth accidentally shot himself after being frightened by Malcolm, another groomsman who wanted to keep the money for his struggling business venture. In this episode, though, Danny & Sully discover the money in Malcolm's possession and he tells them what happened, which upsets them, especially Danny who punches Malcolm for leaving Booth in the woods to die. Danny & Sully make Malcolm promise to tell the sheriff everything and lead them to Booth once the murder questioning is done. Unfortunately, Malcolm is killed at the end of this episode by the island's serial killer while trying to burn the money in remorse. A full zip of McLaren's screencaps are available to download below.

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"Harper's Island" is available on DVD

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Ilia Volok on "JAG" (1998)

Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) appeared in the third season finale of the military legal drama "JAG." In the episode "To Russia With Love," lead characters Harm (played by David James Elliott) and Mac (played by Catherine Bell) head to Russia following up a lead on Harm's father, who has been missing for decades. As Harm gets closer to finding his father, he must contend with a conspiracy seeking to keep him from the truth and cause an international incident. They manage to gain access to a plane, but when their contact reveals it's a trap, Harm & Mac commandeer the plane anyway and head into danger, in the cliffhanger ending. To steal the plane, they must get it from its pilot, Major Nikolai, played by Ilia Volok. At first the duo pretends to be a couple looking for a joyride, but then tell Nikolai the real story at gunpoint. Mac knocks him out with her gun and when Nikolai awakens the plane is already in the air. Another PR villain, Vernon Wells, was previously featured on the blog for appearing on "JAG."

Season 3 of "JAG" is available on DVD

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