Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brandon Jay McLaren on "Falling Skies" - 3 (2012)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his recurring role on the science fiction drama "Falling Skies," appearing in the sixth episode of the second season, titled "Homecoming." McLaren's character, Jamil Dexter, finds himself in high demand once again. Captain Weaver, the leader of the 2nd Mass succumbs to a poison in his bloodstream after an alien encounter in a previous episode. With Weaver in serious condition, Tom Mason (series star Noah Wyle) takes control of the group, looking to Jamil to help them get the group to Charleston, where he hopes there may be help for Weaver and relief for their group. Jamil breaks the news that they don't have enough fuel. He's called away from that crisis when his girlfriend, Lourdes figures out a way to save Weaver, which will require Jamil's technical expertise to rig up a device to pump out Weaver's blood and heat it up to kill the poison and then pump it back to keep him from dying. Their efforts seem to work until power goes out in the hospital, forcing Jamil to find a generator to continue the procedure before Weaver dies. Jamil comes through and the procedure cures Weaver.


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