Monday, February 4, 2013

Azim Rizk on "The Middle" (2010)

Azim Rizk (Jake, Megaforce) joins the ranks of PR as the latest Black Ranger on Power Rangers Megaforce, but he actually made his television debut almost three years ago, with a brief guest appearance on the family comedy, "The Middle." Rizk was credited as 'Teen Boy' in the show's seventeenth episode, titled "The Break-Up." The episode finds the Heck parents dealing with their teenaged son, Axl's first major girlfriend. When his team's basketball championship hopes rest on Axl's shoulders, and he gets dumped, he chokes, costing the team their victory. The Heck family soon finds itself an object of ridicule amongst those in attendance after the game, including Rizk's unnamed character. Joined by two friends, Rizk's character makes fun of Axl while standing right outside the family's car. Though Azim Rizk appeared on "The Middle" first, PR alums Nakia Burrise and Ron Roggé would later follow in his footsteps.


Season 1 of "The Middle" is available on DVD

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