Monday, July 13, 2009

Chris Violette, Kelson Henderson, Barnie Duncan & Monica May in "Labou" (2008)

The kids adventure film "Labou" was written and directed by SPD Executive Producer Greg Aronowitz. So, it comes as no surprise that his film features four SPD alums. The film follows a trio of kids who head into the Louisiana bayou with hopes of finding a pirate's treasure. But what they find is friendship and a mysterious creature known as Labou. No adventure is complete without some danger and along the way, the kids are terrorized by greedy land developer Ronald McDowell and his not-so-smart son Reggie, played by Chris Violette (Sky, SPD). In a grave departure from his serious role as Blue Ranger, Violette appears throughout the film as his character gets into trouble at every turn. Ultimately, he's saved by a Labou and turns over a new leaf, abandoning his father's scheming ways and joining the film's heroes. Also starring in the film is Kelson Henderson (Boom, SPD). Henderson stars as Clayton Lerouge, the descendant of the pirate who lost the treasure in the first place. Clayton masquerades as a pirate to scare people away from his great grandfather's estate and away from the treasure which he's been unable to find. After he gets himself into trouble and the kids discover his good nature, they team up to beat the McDowells and protect the Labou and the swamps. Barnie Duncan (Piggy, SPD) appears as Captain Lerouge, the pirate who was chased down by the townspeople many decades before and died during a terrible storm at sea. With his lost boat full of treasure, his ghost prowls the swamps in search of it. He appears throughout the film at Clayton's side to help in the treasure hunt. Rounding out the SPD cast members in the film is Monica May (Z, SPD). May appears as a sassy librarian who helps the kids find the maps of the swamps that are older than they are. She is also there when Ronald & Reggie come looking for the same maps. She interacts with her SPD comrade Chris Violette very briefly. May reappears at the end of the film when the town gathers to see the treasure and marvel at Labou. Given their starring roles, full zips are available for Chris Violette, Kelson Henderson & Barnie Duncan to download below.

Chris Violette

Kelson Henderson

Barnie Duncan

Monica May

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"Labou" is available on DVD

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