Thursday, November 1, 2007

Aaron James Murphy, Latham Gaines, Daniel Sing & James Gaylyn in "The World's Fastest Indian" (2005)

Starring Hollywood legend Anthony Hopkins and filmed in New Zealand, "The World's Fastest Indian" features several PR alums. Aaron James Murphy (Sam, SPD) has a starring role in the film, where he portrays Tom, the neighbor of Hopkins' character, Burt Munro. The film is based on the true story of Munro, who broke the land-speed world record in 1967 using his hand-built 1920 Indian motorcycle. The bond of friendship between Tom & Burt is one of the film's main themes. Also appearing in the film is Latham Gaines (Mesogog/Dr. Anton Mercer, Dino Thunder) who plays a passport officer who interacts with Burt when he arrives in America. Ninja Storm guest star, Daniel Sing (Kanoi/Kiya Watanabe, Ninja Storm) also appears as Ken, a passenger aboard the ship that carries Munro to the United States. James Gaylyn (voice of Zeltrax, Dino Thunder) appears briefly as a customs official who directs Munro as he leaves the boat. PR alums Greg Johnson (voice of Mini Zord, Ninja Storm) and Charles Pierard (Mr. Bradley, Ninja Storm) are also featured in the film. A full zip of Aaron James Murphy's screencaps is available below.

Aaron James Murphy

Latham Gaines

Daniel Sing

James Gaylyn

"The World's Fastest Indian" is available on DVD

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Amy Jo Johnson in "Susie Q" (1996)

Amy Jo Johnson's (Kimberly, MMPR) first gig after leaving Power Rangers reunited her with PR producers Doug Sloan & Shuki Levy, who wrote the television movie "Susie Q." Johnson stars as Susie, a teenaged girl who gets killed in a car wreck on the way to the prom with her boyfriend, only to return as a ghost 30 years later. In the present, Susie meets Zach Sands (Justin Whalen) who helps her figure out how her family lost everything after her death. Johnson has a starring role alongside Whalen & Shelley Long and appeared in almost every scene of the film.

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Erin Cahill on "On the Lot" - 7 (2007)

Erin Cahill's (Jen, Time Force) recurring appearances on the FOX reality series "On the Lot" continued into Episode 14. Originally airing in August, Cahill lent her talents to contestant Sam Friedlander's short film "Dress For Success." Cahill portrays one of a group of female office workers who turn the tables on their chauvinist boss by forcing him to wear a dress, submitting him to the treatment he's given them. Friedlander was eliminated the following week. This was the last original short film presented on the reality series, as the remaining episodes centered around choosing the eventual winner, Will Bigham.

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Sally Martin & Holly Shanahan on "Welcome to Paradise" (2007)

The new New Zealand comedy series "Welcome to Paradise" stars two PR actresses. The series centers around six 20-somethings who work at a backpackers' hostel. Sally Martin (Tori, Ninja Storm) stars as Sasha, who works at the hostel's front desk. In Episode 3, she deals with a broken elevator which hostel manager Alex seems unable to fix. Holly Shanahan (Leelee, Mystic Force) stars as Lucy, the bar manager whose love-hate relationship with fellow employee Zac is at the center of Episode 3, where the two make a bet about who will conquer their fears first.

Sally Martin

Holly Shanahan

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