Saturday, June 21, 2014

Richard Brancatisano on "Chasing Life" (2014)

Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) stars on the new ABCFamily Summer drama "Chasing Life." The series follows April Carver, a young aspiring journalist who finds her life interrupted when she learns that she has leukemia. Brancatisano plays Dominic, a arts and entertainment journalist at April's newspaper. April has been secretly pining for Dominic and he finally reaches out to her, leading to a budding romance, which becomes problematic, as April hasn't revealed her cancer diagnosis to anyone in her life. When Dominic overhears her talking with her uncle George, who discovered the cancer, he believes they're having an affair and blows off April, until she tells him George's true identity as a family member, which seems to put the two back on track with their romance by the end of the first episode. A full zip of Richard Brancatisano's screencaps are available to download below.

 photo chasingl-1x1-rb1_zpsd13341a2.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb5_zps81717739.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb9_zpsc1515c57.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb15_zps4c35f856.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb16_zps9f45e749.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb18_zpsc9013968.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb21_zps13d28cfa.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb24_zps48a5bed7.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb26_zps23c64046.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb29_zps3059bf23.jpg  photo chasingl-1x1-rb32_zps14d31d9e.jpg
 photo chasingl-1x1-rb33_zps96ffd129.jpg

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"Chasing Life" currently airs on ABCFamily

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