Thursday, November 12, 2009

James Gaylyn & Craig Parker on "Legend of the Seeker" (2009)

The action-adventure series "Legend of the Seeker" returned to television for its second season and wasted no time rolling out the Power Rangers guest stars. RPM's James Gaylyn (Colonel Truman, RPM) appears in the episode "Marked," as Commander Trimack the head of a battalion of D'Haran soldiers who pledge their allegiance to The Seeker, Richard in the wake of Darken Rahl's death at Richard's hands. When Trimack announces Richard as the new Lord Rahl, The Seeker and his comrades are confused. Trimack reveals that Richard & the villainous Rahl shared the same father. Although Richard is reluctant to accept his brother's power, he does order the troops to help him track down a creature that has escaped the Underworld, where Darken Rahl is still plotting his revenge. Trimack is killed in the search by villagers who are unaware that the soldiers are helping The Seeker. Craig Parker (voice of Motodrone, Ninja Storm) continues in his role as Darken Rahl, despite his character's death. Rahl awakens in the Underworld and answers to his own master, the ultimate evil. Rahl's spirit returns to the land of the living with hopes of destroying those who killed him, starting with the Mord'Sith Cara who betrayed him and helped The Seeker. He orders another loyal Mord'Sith Triana (guest star Charisma Carpenter) to kill Cara but she is unsuccessful. Rahl appears again in Richard's dream, leaving him with the mark of his master, the Keeper of the Underworld. This episode was directed by veteran PR director Mark Beesley.

James Gaylyn

Craig Parker

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