Friday, November 6, 2009

Dan Ewing on "Rescue Special Ops" (2009)

Current Black Ranger Dan Ewing (Dillon, RPM) appeared on the Aussie drama "Rescue Special Ops," during the show's ninth episode. Ewing portrayed Jack Gardiner, a young man who attends a party on the cliffs near the shore line. Jack appears to be fighting with his girlfriend Kristy, but agrees to put their problems behind them. He walks away, but doesn't appear happy with the reunion at all. His friend Brandon tries to talk to him, but he says he's fed up with the situation. Moments later, a massive wave hits the cliffs leaving most of the partying kids fighting for survival on the cliffs and in the water, prompting the arrival of the Rescue Special Ops team. Kristy frantically tries to locate Jack and tells one of the rescuers, Lara Knight about him. Jack's body is later found and Kristy blames Lara for his death. It's later revealed that the athlete Jack was abusing steroids and Kristy was adding to his pressure to perform. Dan Ewing is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Rescue Special Ops." Ria Vandervis was the first.

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