Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rose McIver in "Petals on the Wind" (2014)

Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) joined Lifetime's "Flowers in the Attic" television film franchise, with her starring role in the sequel "Petals on the Wind." McIver takes over the role of Cathy Dollanganger, ten years after Cathy, her brother Christopher and younger sister Carrie escaped the attic where they were kept isolated, abused and malnourished by their mother, Corrine, and their grandmother. Now an adult, Cathy embarks on a ballet career which introduces her to a new love, Julian, as she tries her best to forget her family's past and move on from the inappropriate relationship with her brother that began in the attic. Cathy's new romance soon becomes physically abusive, and the suicide of her sister Carrie leads Cathy to seek vengeance on their mother for driving another of her children to death. Cathy begins an affair with Corrine's husband, only to reveal the affair, and her pregnancy, publicly to humiliate her mother in front of her high society friends. Crumbling from her cruelty and the truth of Cathy's actions, Corrine snaps setting the family mansion on fire. Cathy & Christopher escape further solidifying their bond with a move across the country, where no one knows their history. They raise Cathy's two sons together as a couple, while their mother is locked away in an asylum. As the central character of the film, Rose McIver appears throughout. A full zip of her screencaps is available to download below.

 photo petals-rm2_zps3d531632.jpg  photo petals-rm7_zps88f2728f.jpg
 photo petals-rm12_zps80f49c7d.jpg
 photo petals-rm14_zps9bf2d3d3.jpg  photo petals-rm24_zps1715898a.jpg
 photo petals-rm28_zps9c611e7a.jpg
 photo petals-rm36_zps8926dff4.jpg  photo petals-rm48_zps30ce57d9.jpg
 photo petals-rm51_zpsebe857e6.jpg
 photo petals-rm61_zpsc8c9f588.jpg  photo petals-rm65_zpsb22dc3ea.jpg
 photo petals-rm77_zpsf33d24fb.jpg
 photo petals-rm82_zpsc92c2aee.jpg  photo petals-rm86_zps5ad40e4e.jpg
 photo petals-rm88_zpse8192f80.jpg
 photo petals-rm95_zps8ea890a7.jpg  photo petals-rm98_zps5d58d50b.jpg
 photo petals-rm102_zpsc8819e91.jpg
 photo petals-rm105_zpse3762e11.jpg  photo petals-rm112_zps18440505.jpg
 photo petals-rm118_zps1c561f7e.jpg
 photo petals-rm123_zps7cfa65ce.jpg  photo petals-rm131_zps590dde3a.jpg
 photo petals-rm135_zps791babc8.jpg
 photo petals-rm140_zps3c0583f5.jpg  photo petals-rm144_zps1da01f28.jpg
 photo petals-rm149_zpsbf3144b9.jpg
 photo petals-rm152_zps5da61031.jpg  photo petals-rm153_zps7a26445f.jpg
 photo petals-rm156_zps98935162.jpg

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