Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sicily in "Super Sweet 16: The Movie" (2007)

Sicily (Young Aisha, MMPR) played a supporting role in the 2007 teen film "Super Sweet 16: The Movie." Produced by MTV, and inspired by their reality series of the same name, the film follows two best friends who share the same birthday. When one of them joins the school's elite clique, they become rivals, planning to outdo each other with their dueling "Sweet 16" parties. Sicily appears as one of the mean girls, Chloe Spears. She endures rude remarks about her weight from her supposed best friend and leader, Taylor (played by Alyson Michalka) until she finally learns the error of her ways and dumps her old friend for some new ones.

"Super Sweet 16: The Movie" is available on DVD

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