Tuesday, May 12, 2009

David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 7 (2004)

The seventh episode of "What I Like About You's" third season shares something else in common with "Power Rangers: Jungle Fury," besides David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury). The title of this episode, "Ghost of a Chance," is the same as a Jungle Fury two-parter. This Halloween-themed episode of the series, finds de Lautour and his co-stars dressing up for a karoake performance at the local diner. He continues his role as Ben Sheffield, Holly's British musician boyfriend. He also helps Holly keep her secret about dropping out of college from her sister. The two dress as the legendary singing duo Sonny & Cher for the holiday. David de Lautour appears in several scenes of this episode.

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