Saturday, October 17, 2009

Erin Cahill on "Navy NCIS" (2009)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) recently appeared on the hit crime drama "Navy NCIS" during the show's current 7th season. Cahill played Jessica Summers, a Navy lieutenant who quickly becomes embroiled in NCIS's latest case in the episode titled "The Inside Man." A tabloid blogger appears to be murdered shortly after posting about a bungled NCIS investigation, leading them to investigate his death. The case the blogger reported on involved a naval officer whom Jessica was secretly intimate with. The NCIS crew calls her in after checking her phone records and discovering the relationship. Although Jessica is reluctant to cooperate, she ends up giving them more information than they bargained for, proving that their previous findings on the officer's death were indeed faulty. Jessica breaks down into tears while being interrogated. Cahill is the second PR alum to be featured on this blog for appearing on "NCIS." Brad Hawkins was the first. This is Erin Cahill's 30th post on "After the Power."

Season 7 of "NCIS" currently airs on CBS

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