Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Erin Cahill in "Fast Track: No Limits" (2008)

Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) has a starring role in the film "Fast Track: No Limits." The film's plot revolves around a group of street racers. Cahill stars as Katie Reed, who also happens to be a talented mechanic. This film was originally prepared as a pilot for a potential series. The film itself has yet to be released in the United States and has aired in Germany, with negative comparisons to the popular "Fast and the Furious" film franchise. The film has also been distributed on DVD, also only outside the United States. Cahill appears in most of the scenes, as she is one of the main characters, so a full zip of her screencaps is available for download below.

* Special thanks to Shirley Chong for these screencaps!

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