Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monica Louwerens on "The Closer" (2007)

Monica Louwerens (Ms. Fairweather, Lightspeed) made a small appearance on the hit cable drama "The Closer" last December. Louwerens was credited as "Smiling Gate Agent" in the first half of the third season episode titled "Next of Kin." Louwerens played an airport ticket agent, checking passengers as they prepared to board an airplane. When the show's detectives attempt to extradite the week's criminal, he claims to have a bomb, scaring Louwerens and others in the area, forcing them to miss their flight. Louwerens had small lines, as she greeted passengers and appeared in only one scene.

"The Closer" airs on TNT

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Anonymous said...

I use to watch the closer show but did not know she played in the show.