Thursday, March 14, 2013

Azim Rizk on "Perception" (2012)

Current Black Ranger, Azim Rizk (Jake, Megaforce) appeared briefly on the hit TNT crime drama "Perception," during its first season last year. Rizk played a college student in the eighth episode, titled "Kilimanjaro." The episode finds main character, Daniel Pierce (series star Eric McCormack), a college professor, getting involved with investigating a number of crimes on his school's campus, including the death of a co-ed. Azim Rizk's unnamed character is amongst a trio of students who are questioned by FBI agent Kate Moretti (series star Rachael Leigh Cook) and Pierce about the circumstances surrounding the female student's death. Rizk gives them details on how popular she was and her recent break-up with her boyfriend, which gives them a suspect. Azim Rizk appeared in only one scene of the episode.

 photo perception-1x8-ar1_zps4f2dcdea.jpg  photo perception-1x8-ar2_zps460c2bf7.jpg
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