Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walter Emanuel Jones on "The Shield" - 2 (2002)

Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack, MMPR) reprised his role as Rondell Robinson in the eleventh episode of "The Shield's" very first season. Rondell was a drug dealer who brokered several drug deals for main character Vic Mackey (series star Michael Chiklis), under the table. In this episode titled "Carnivores," Rondell comes looking for help from Mackey when he is the target of an attempted drive-by shooting. But, when Mackey refuses to publicly help Rondell, he goes a bit crazy and turns his gun on him. In the end, Rondell's dead body is found by the police. Despite this, it would not be Jones' last appearance on the series.

Season 1 of "The Shield" is available on DVD

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