Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brad Hawkins in "Shredder" (2003)

Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey, Zeo) appeared in the direct-to-dvd horror flick "Shredder" which tells the story of a group of young people who sneak into a closed ski resort to try out some of their extreme moves, only to get caught up in a malicious killer's vendetta against the mountain that killed a small girl years before. On the way to the resort, the group meets Christophe, a foreigner played by Brad Hawkins who charms his way into their trip. After getting romantically involved with two of the girls, Christophe reveals a dark secret of his own, shortly before falling prey to the killer. Given Hawkins' starring role, a full zip of his screencaps is available for download below.

Click Here to Download All 26 Screencaps
"Shredder" is available on DVD

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