Friday, May 9, 2008

Brad Hawkins & Richard Lee Jackson in "Hope Ranch" (2004)

PR voice actor Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey, Zeo) played a supporting role in the 2004 television movie "Hope Ranch," which tells the story of a young juvenile offender named Keith who finds a real family when he's sent to work on a ranch as part of his rehabilitation. Hawkins portrays Keith's trouble-making older brother Ajax who gets him caught by the police in the first place. After learning that the ranch keeps drugs for the horses, Ajax tries to get his brother to help him with a heist to pay off his debts. Ultimately Keith refuses and Ajax's bosses come with him, finding resistance from the ranch's staff and Keith who finally turns on his brother. Also starring in the film is Mighty Morphin' guest star Richard Lee Jackson (Jeremy, MMPR) who plays Booker, another juvenile delinquent who arrives at the ranch with Keith and also turns over a new leaf, despite resisting the experience at first. Both actors appear in several scenes.

Brad Hawkins

Richard Lee Jackson

"Hope Ranch" is available on DVD

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