Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keith Robinson on "Over There" - 12 (2005)

Keith Robinson's (Joel, Lightspeed) tenure on the short-lived war drama "Over There" came to an end after twelve episodes. Robinson continued his role as Private Avery "Angel" King" in the eleventh episode titled "Orphans." The episode finds Angel's platoon sent to secure a small building, only to find that the woman who is taking care of Iraqi orphans in the structure refuses to vacate the premises, despite the war zone. During the mission, the team ends up bonding with the children and one boy in particular, who becomes a victim of a terrorist attack while the team is on duty. Robinson appears throughout the episode. His appearances in the final two episodes of "Over There" were previously posted, making this the last entry on the blog for the FX series.

Season 1 of "Over There" is available on DVD

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