Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ilia Volok in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (2008)

Wild Force villain Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) played a small role in the Oscar-winning 2008 feature film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Volok appeared in one scene playing a Russian Interpreter. His character appears in a darkened bar sequence during Benjamin's (played by Brad Pitt) work on a tugboat which is in dock while on a job. Volok's unnamed character interprets the story being told by Benjamin's captain, Mike to those drinking in the bar. Volok can be seen at his side and gets a few close-ups. Volok has no lines in English but appears on-screen for several minutes. All of his dialogue is in his native Russian.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is available on DVD

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