Friday, August 7, 2009

David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 10 (2004-2005)

David de Lautour's (RJ, Jungle Fury) 20th post on the blog comes from his 10th appearance on "What I Like About You," which occured in the two-part episode "The Wedding" which includes Episodes 10 and 11 of Season 3. The first part of the episode acted as a cliffhanger over the midseason hiatus at the end of November 2004. The second part aired in Janaury of 2005. David de Lautour continues his role as Ben Sheffield, the British musician boyfriend of Holly Tyler (series star Amanda Bynes). Ben & Holly are excited for Ben's upcoming tour, which Holly will be accompanying him on. But first, Holly must deal with her sister Val's wedding. Despite seeing her groom Rick meeting with his ex-girlfriend, Holly helps her sister prepare. When the truth comes out, Val halts the wedding and dumps Rick, emotionally falling apart in the process. Holly knows she can't leave her sister now and is forced to say goodbye to Ben as he leaves for his tour. Despite his departure, de Lautour wouldn't be gone long, as he would miss only one episode before Ben's return.

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